Tips for working with this site

Just a few tips for working with this site:

Pick-up in store

When you want to pick up an item at our American Fork Utah location, be sure to uncheck the "Ship to the same address" checkbox on the billing page.  You will then be able to select "Pickup" in the shipping section.  If you forget, the option will not be available.

Framed options in Product Drop-Down Boxes

The format of our website has changed, hopefully for the better, in the last few months.  If you will notice, there is a series of three drop-down boxes in the new format.  The first drop-down is labeled, “Image Type.”  First select the type of image you are looking for.  For example, “Open Edition Print” or “Open Edition Canvas” etc.  Next choose the size of image you want.  (This will change depending on the image type)  Last you can choose the “Framing Options” which vary according to the other two choices.  (Tip: Once you have chosen an option from the drop-down box, you can use your keyboard arrows to quickly toggle through the other selections. To try it out, click the following link: click here)
As you choose each frame option, the picture changes to the frame you have chosen.  Another great thing about this format is that if you click on the image, it will show a larger image of what you have selected.  This allows you to get a great, up-close look at your selection.
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