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The Crow and the Pitcher Original Oil on Panel 18 X 14

The Crow and the Pitcher A very thirsty crow came upon a pitcher. Having looked far and wide for something to drink, the parched bird peered into the jug. “At last” she said “a bit of water.” But unfortunately for her, the vessel’s narrow neck kept her from reaching the cool water at the bottom, no matter how hard she tried. Discouraged, but far from giving up on the possibility of quenching her thirst, she took a moment to think things over. “Aha!” she cried, “I have an idea!” The crow began picking up pebbles and dropping them into the pitcher. With every pebble that plunked into the old jug, the water level raised just a little bit. Pebble by pebble, the clever bird kept raising the level of the water until at last a cool drink was within reach. “Ah” sighed the refreshed crow,” so it’s true. Necessity is the mother of invention!”
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