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The Boy Meets the North Wind Original Oil on Panel 20 X 24

“The Boy Meets the North Wind” from Classic Storybook Fables “ ..Off he went, to the land where the North Wind lives, with only enough pennies in his pocket for one night’s lodging. On and on he walked, for it was a long journey from the farm to that cold and windy place. It was late the next day when the boy at last stood before the North Wind. ‘Well?’ demanded the icy North Wind. ‘What brings you to my domain?’ Gusting winds nearly knocked the boy off his feet, but he stood firm. ‘My mother and I are very poor, sir,’ the boy shouted above the roaring of the North Wind, ‘and yesterday, you took from my bowl the last of our meal. I need you to give it back, please, or we will starve.” ‘Meal?’ the North Wind said. ‘Impossible. That meal was scattered to the four corners of the earth…”
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