Howard Lyon

Howard Lyon is an artist that was born and raised in Mesa, Az where he still resides. He is the youngest of five children. Howard had very supportive parents, who even when he was very young, made sure he had the materials and education to hone his talents. While attending high school Howard met his wife, Shari Lunt. They married after graduation, moved to BYU and they now have three children.

Howard began his career studying illustration at Brigham Young University working with artists such as Robert Barrett, Don Seegmiller, James Christensen and Greg Olsen. Over the past 15 years he has worked in the video game industry as an Art Director, concept artist and freelance illustrator. For much of his career he has painted dragons and trolls or scenes from science fiction. His work can be found in products from Dungeons and Dragon’s books, World of Warcraft cards, Magic the Gathering and Star Wars. He has studied art in Italy, France and most recently at the Grand Central Academy in New York. He has combined these experiences to expand his subject matter to create inspirational pieces in the style of some of his favorite old masters: William Bouguereau, Lawrence Alma-Tadema, and John William Waterhouse.

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A Thread of Faith

Luke 8:48
And he said unto her, Daughter, be of good comfort: thy faith hath made thee whole; go in peace.

We have all been injured and have known the desire to be healed. Whether those hurts are physical, emotional, or spiritual, Christ beckons us to His presence to be healed. Here, the woman reaches towards the prayer shawl, tallit, or garment of Christ, and by touching the threads of His garment she is healed. Hers was an act of faith. By reaching out to Christ, she made a covenant to follow Him, and in return He healed her. She did not sit idly by the wayside, but actively sought out the Savior. While we will endure hardships and injuries in this life, there is peace to be found in following Christ. By doing so, we open the way for the Atonement to heal our pains so that we, too, may “go in peace.” (Luke 8:48)
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Alpha and Omega

Revelations 1:8
"I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, saith the Lord, which is, which was, and which is to come, the Almighty."

It can feel like the world is spinning out of control at times. War and conflict sweep over nearly the entire earth. It would be easy to fall into despair over the state of mankind if not for the knowledge that Christ stands at the center, ready to give hope and promise to those who seek Him.

I find comfort in knowing that Christ comprehends all things and His will ultimately triumphs over sorrow. He is the Master of the earth, the oceans and the skies. He is the Beginning and the End, Alpha and Omega and everything in between (represented by the 3 stars in the upper sky).
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Come Follow Me

"Come, follow me," a simple phrase,

Yet truth's sublime, effulgent rays

Are in these simple words combined

To urge, inspire the human mind.

From “Come Follow Me”, words by John Nicholson

The Savior invites us to follow Him, to come in out of the darkness and into the light. He brings order to chaos, hope to sorrow and light to darkness. No petition is rejected and all are invited in.
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Feed My Sheep

John 21:17
…Lovest thou me? And he said unto him, Lord, thou knowest all things; thou knowest that I love thee. Jesus saith unto him, Feed my sheep.

In this painting, Christ is depicted in the role of the Good Shepherd. He holds firmly to the rod, representing the law of His Father. It symbolizes the commandments and teachings that help to keep us, His flock, safe. Christ’s countenance expresses the mercy of the Atonement and the path back to our Father. If we should stray from the safety of His flock in this life, we know that our Shepherd will find us if we call out to Him. We have also been given the charge, like Peter, to help our Savior in the work of bringing salvation to His flock, to feed His sheep. We will have the chance to bring nourishment to those who come across our way if we are willing to serve.
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From Fear to Faith

Matthew 8:26
Then he arose, and rebuked the winds and the sea; and there was a great calm.

We will all face trials in this life. There will be times when the sea is raging around us. It may feel as if we are destined to fail, that the storms are too great and that we are helpless. This painting depicts a range of emotions that we may all relate to when the trials come. We will all face difficult moments in our life, when it feels that all is lost. We often try to save ourselves, but when we turn ourselves over to the Lord, having done all that we can, He will save us and we will hear those magnificent words spoken in our hearts: “Peace, be still.”
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Luke 22:41-43
And [He] kneeled down, and prayed, Saying, Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me: nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done. And there appeared an angel unto him from heaven, strengthening him.

My painting of Gethsemane was done as reminder that when we are in need of aid our Father in Heaven is not only ready but anxious to send angels to our side. Christ, in His perfection received the sustaining hand from above in His moment of greatest need. How much more likely then are we, in our imperfect state, to receive that same help when we are faced with trials?
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I Am a Child of God

Romans 8: 16
The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God

Among the greatest treasures of knowledge that we have been given is this: we are all the children of God. This truth carries with it great blessings. It should guide us in how we treat those around us and in how we view ourselves. Each of God’s children are of great worth with immeasurable potential. In this painting, we see children from many different cultures and backgrounds. They stand with Christ, bearing witness with Him that they are children of God. All of the kids look directly at the viewer, confident in the joy they feel in the presence of their Savior. When we strive to see others as God would see us, our hearts are softened, our minds are opened, and the Spirit comes to dwell with us, bringing peace and joy.
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I Will Wipe Away All Your Tears

Revelation 12:4
And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.

I Will Wipe Away All Your Tears

The Gospel of Jesus Christ holds many blessings. It brings us peace in turbulent or trying times. The doctrines inform us where we came from and what our purpose is in this life. It also promises us many great and wonderful blessings, one of which is the return of Jesus Christ. When Christ does return many scriptures will be fulfilled.

For many who have suffered or are suffering there may be one promise that resonates more than any other, that He will wipe away all our tears. Christ is the Saviour, Redeemer, the great healer and bringer of peace. This is His mission, His purpose, His promise. - Howard Lyon
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King of Kings

Matthew 2:11
And when they were come into the house, they saw the young child with Mary his mother, and fell down, and worshipped him: and when they had opened their treasures, they presented unto him gifts; gold, and frankincense, and myrrh.

The account of the Magi visiting Christ as a child has long been the subject of paintings and stories. It is touching and inspiring to envision the wise and learned traveling to present gifts and honor to the young Christ. Though tradition places the Magi in the manger, the scriptures indicate that Christ may have been as old as two when they arrived. I can imagine traveling with the Magi with a growing anticipation of seeing the young Christ. After a long journey and arriving at His home, the Spirit bears witness that He is the King of Kings, my Redeemer, my Savior—and with gratitude I have the opportunity to lay my humble gifts at His feet.
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Light Of The World

John 8:12
I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.

This simple passage of scripture defines much of what it means to be Christian. To follow Christ means a life of compassion and service. It does not mean that there will not be heartache or trials. It does not mean we will not stumble and fall. Hardship is part of life, but Christ, through His Atonement, will be there to clear the path back to the light, bringing hope to an imperfect people trying to be better.
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Living Water

John 4:14
But the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life.

In this account, we hear Christ bear witness to the woman at the well that He is the way to exaltation. Just as physical water sustains and relieves our thirst, the water that Christ gives us, the gospel, gives relief to our souls, heals our wounds, and makes our burdens light. Christ stands before not just the woman, but all mankind, and testifies that He is the Son of God. If we would drink of the truths of the gospel, seek after Him, and do His will, we will thirst no more, and those truths will lift us up unto eternal life with our Father in Heaven.
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Mary Kept All Of These Things And Pondered Them In Her Heart

Luke 2:19
Mary kept all these things, and pondered them in her heart.

Mary has found a brief, quiet moment to contemplate. There is a little concern in her eyes, knowing that there will be pain and hardship in the life of her child, but hope as well, for she knows that God loves her and has a plan. She smiles as she reflects on the joy she feels when thinking of her son. Motherhood brings many emotions. Fear, joy, pain, hope, concern, and nearly inexpressible love can all be part of motherhood. No doubt Mary felt inadequate, but steadfast and faithful—humbled, though honored, to have been chosen to be part of Christ’s life.
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One Shepherd

John 10:16
And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd.

Whenever I read this passage, I think of the beautiful diversity of all of God’s children. From the outback of Australia to the northernmost parts of Alaska to the savannahs of Africa, mankind has grown and formed families and raised children with the hope that those children would be happy and, in turn, start families of their own. This scripture reminds me that Christ came to this earth and repented for the sins of all humanity so that the way would be paved for each and every person to return to live with our Father in Heaven again. We are all children of the same God, brothers and sisters in Christ.
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The Herald Angels

Luke 2:13-14
And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying, Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.

What an incredible joy it would have been to be among the angels chosen to herald the news of the birth of Christ to the world. There must have been great emotion among the angels present, knowing of whom they sang, knowing that light had entered the world. The wait was over. The time had come, for He was born, the King of Kings, the Son of God, the great Redeemer of mankind. - Howard Lyon
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Though Your Sins be as Scarlet

Isaiah 1:18
Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow.

In this scene, the woman is condemned to death for her sins, but Christ in His wisdom saves her from that fate and admonishes her to “go, and sin no more.” (John 8:11) Symbolically, her robe is red, representing her sins, but as she reaches towards Christ, it is beginning to fall away. In contrast, the scribes and Pharisees cling to their sins, symbolized by their own heavy crimson robes. Full of pride, they pull away from the light of Christ. The woman kneels humbly in the light before her Savior, and in return she finds salvation and feels the redeeming power and joy of the Atonement.
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