Jeff Goodsell

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Tatterwaump Victory

I call this my victory piece because it was done at a time in my life when I was dealing with some particularly difficult challenges. I decided to depict an champion at the top of a mountain having achieved his goal.

I consider this piece to be highly influenced by Dr. Suess, hence the whimsical mountains and mount. I came up with the name “Tatterwaump” myself, (thinking myself very clever.) Notice the stars in the Tatterwaump’s eyes, my way of saying “The sky’s the limit” and “You can accomplish anything in this world if you jus set your mind to it and want it badly enough.

The piece is indicative of my work during this period of my life, whimsical and somewhat surreal.
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The Falconer Returns

The Falconer Returns is a symbolic painting based on the first stanza of the poem: The Second Coming by poet William Butler Yeats.

The entire painting is replete with symbolism based on some of the events that are prophesied prior to the second coming of Jesus Christ. This is not intended to be a painting of Christ himself, but more of a symbolic representation. At first glance the painting looks somewhat Medieval, however, upon reading the poem and understanding the symbols, it’s meaning becomes evident. Please visit to explore the symbolism behind the painting. If you wish to purchase a print, please do so from this website as the ecommerce on The Falconer Returns website is not set up to accept orders at this time.

I have also designed a frame which compliments this painting, the frame is also full of symbolism and can be view at:
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This is a portrait of a beautiful young lady in my church. I had come up with the concept for this painting which was to crackle the background to make it look old, and frame it in a gothic "lancet" frame.

So I asked for permission to paint Alexis, the painting turned out beautifully and has lead to many other commissions as I have used it many times to show potential clients my portrait abilities.
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Armoured Essscort

I did this painting shortly out of college (the irony is that I graduated with a degree in ceramic sculpture, not painting). It was originally going to be a simple drawing of a snake with a cat in it's belly, sort of a joke between my brother, his wife, and I. (they had a cat and a snake). As I drew, erased and re-drew, this armoured snake evolved and I knew I had to paint it. It has been one of my favorite pieces over the years.

This painting is about a journey, a journey of life. You know the old adage: "The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first slither" (if you happen to be a snake).
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Aspen Angel

Aspen was born very small (about 4 lbs). Doctors labeled her with “failure to thrive” yet she was then and is to this day a fighter. As a result of having a tiny frame, she has the perfect china doll profile, which I just had to paint. So I decided to create this painting of Aspen as a little angel in a moment of reverence.

The background and underpainting are acrylic. I then painted top colors using oil paint because it is easier to blend in oil paint.
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This is a portrait of my wife, Masked is of myself, just a couple of whimsical Halloween paintings I chose to do once when I had some time to paint whatever I chose.
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