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We use real-time shipping on this site. That means that your shipping rates are calculated at the time of your order using UPS and USPS shipping calculators. At times, especially with smaller orders of items such as 3 x 4 minis and cards, shipping calculations may not reflect the true costs. If you feel that the shipping charges incorrect, please contact us under Customer Service-Contact us and let us know of your situation. If your charges were truly over-inflated we will be happy to credit you the difference.

We offer free shipping on orders over $500.00 (not including tax and shipping) on all orders delivered within the Continental United States. At times our website will issue free shipping to areas outside of the continental United States. We apologize for the inconvenience. If you mistakenly receive the credit on your order, we will contact you and make sure you are ok with the shipping charges before we ship to you. We would love to offer free shipping anywhere in the world, however we would not stay in business very long if we did so.