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Q.    Why are some sold out items priced so much higher than the issue price?

A.    Once a piece has sold out at the publisher, the current value is determined by the secondary market.  We do not remove items from the website when they have sold out at the publisher because often times we can still get the item.  The problem is that we have to purchase the product from a secondary market source.  We find out the current value of the piece and relay that information to you.   You then determine if you would like to make the purchase.

Q.    How can I find out about a product that is about to sell out so that I don't have to pay the outrageous after market price?

A.    There are several ways to be sure to purchase a piece you like before it sells out at the publisher:

            1.  Always check the "New Release" section of our website.
                To do so, go to Products-New Releases.

            2.  Keep an eye on the items that have reached low-inventory
                 status.  To do so, go to Products-Low Inventory items.

            3.  Sign up for low-inventory notifications on our website.