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Robert A. Boyd
Photographer Bob Boyd has won numerous awads locally and nationally including Best of State 2005. After rising to the top of the portrait/wedding market, Bob now focusses on fine art photography and printing and has collaborated with nationally recognized artists.

Bob lives in Orem, Utah with his wife Eleah and five children.

Albuquerque - Sun Peak

Mount Timpanogos Sunrise

Rexburg Autumn Sunset

Rexburg Radiant Alabaster

St. George Evening

Sacred Grove

Atlanta Temple 06

Salt Lake Summer

Las Vegas Temple 02

Gilbert Temple New Field

Cardston Temple Panoramic

Stand Ye In Holy Places Dvd

Salt Lake Sempiternal An

Salt lake 32

Washington DC 01

Washington DC 02

Washington DC 03

Washington DC 05

Johannesberg 03 (Textured)

Mt Timp By Moonlight

Oquirrh Mountain 01

Oquirrh Mountain 02

Oquirrh Panoramic

Mt Timp Panoramic Ir

Mt Timp Rainbow

Mt Timp Red Panoramic

Mt Timp Sunrise

2013 "His Holy House" Calendar

Temple Ornament Collection

Dallas Temple

Oakland 2012 002

Oakland Valley Night

Logan Vertical Panoramic

Logan Gates - Tulips

Orlando 01

Portland Springtime

San Antonio Crescent Moon

Draper Sunrise

Draper Sunrise With Flower Beds

Brigham City 02

Brigham City 01

San Diego Eventide

Houston Panoramic Temple

Kansas City Temple 001

Kansas City Temple 004

Bow River

Calgary Stampede

St. Josaphat's Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral

Mt. Timpanogos Sunrise

Alberta Legislature Bldg

Jordan River Fall Sunset

Sl Cityscape

Salt Lake Rain Path

Sacred Grove Ir

Nauvoo Sunrise Joseph And Hyrum

Mesa Sunrise

Boston Rain

Jordan River Evening

Toronto 01 Clearing Storm

Toronto Soft Fog

Boston Fog

Toronto Architecture

Toronto 04

San Diego Warm Skies

Salt Lake Temple - The Sisters

Sacramento Fountain


Manti Tulips & Grass

Logan 06

Bountiful Winter

Bountiful Fall Atrium

Boston Evening

Blooming Spring

Mt. Timpanogos Eventide

Oquirrh Mtn The Light Within

Sacred Doors

A Mighty Fortress

Salt Lake - Silent Night

Springtime In Zion

Vernal An

St. George An

Salt Lake Veneration An

Salt Lake Towers

Salt Lake Sacred Doors An

Salt Lake Everlasting An

Salt Lake Endurance An

Salt Lake Amaranthine An

Sacramento New An

Rexburg An

Sacramento An

Oquirrh Mtn Pan An

Oquirrh Mtn An

Oquirrh Mtn An

Ogden 2 An

Ogden An

Mesa An

Los Angeles An

Jordan River An

Chicago An

Johannesberg An

Cardston An

Boise An

Vegas Night

Joshua Trees

Joshua Tree

Caesars Palace View

Bellagio View

Salt Lake - In The Garden (Eden Detail)

Salt Lake Winter Frost

Salt Lake - Winter Frost

Rexburg Field

Provo Late Summer

Oquirrh Spring Blossoms

Mesa Cactus View

Manti 12

Los Angeles Pan 05

Los Angeles Pan 06

Los Angeles Pan 02

Los Angeles Pan 03

Jordan River Spring

Los Angeles Pan01

Logan Valley

Bountiful Clearing Storm

Bountiful Snow

Logan Trees

Las Vegas Tree

Las Vegas Temple Ir Side

Salt Lake Temple - Eden

In The Garden (Eden Detail)

Stanley Ww1 Memorial

Swartz Bay

Seattle Dawn

Parliament Building, Victoria

Pacific Central Station

Vancouver Lds Temple 01

Vancouver Lds Temple Sepia

Vancouver Lillies

Vancouver Totems

Orca At Convention Center

Lions Gate Bridge

Fraser Bridge

False Creek

Fisgard Lighthouse

Canada Place

Canada Place Skyline

Yosemite Oak Tree

Vancouver W

Twilight Trolley

The Palace Of Fine Art

World War II Memorial

Washington Monument An

Sequoia National Park

Scopes At Golden Gate

Washington Dc Panoramic

The Arts Of Peace

Smithsonian Institution Building

Santa Cruz Dock

Mount Vernon

Morning Tide Atlantic City

Santa Cruz Boardwalk

San Francisco Bay

San Francisco Cityscape

Jazz In The Park

Arlington Memorial Bridge

Oquirrh Mountain Toned

Oquirrh Mountain

Rising Sun At Land's End

Oakland Lds Temple

Oakland Temple Panoramic

Napa Valley

Merced River, Yosemite Valley

Marina Boulevard

Lake Tahoe Dock


Gas House Dock At The Bay

Golden Gate Arch

Harbor Sunset

California Street Trolley

Calla Lillies - Golden Gate Park

Eiffel Tower Path

Bridalveil Falls- Yosemite

Big Red


Venus De Milo- Paris

Yellowstone Skelatal Trees

Yellowstone Swirls

Notre Dame De Paris

Yellowstone Grand Prismatic Spring

Yellowstone Marble


Upper Multnomah Falls In Infrared

Seattle Cityscape Panoramic

Seattle Needle

Snake River And Grand Tetons

Rolling Hay

Rising Storm - Pacific Coast


Pacific Coast Sunset

Lake Tahoe - Snowy Dock

Multnomah Falls

Bonneville Salt Flats

Canola Blooms

Verrazano-Narrows Bridge

Steel Pier Atlantic City


Moonrise Over Manhattan

Jersey Shore

New York - Empire State

Brooklyn Bridge View

Beach At Atlantic City

Victoria Lighthouse

Walt Disney Concert Hall

Tranquil Shore

Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica Bike Path

Palm Tree Sunset

Muse At Hollywood Bowl

Monterey Cypress Grove

Morning Chill In Malibu

La Cityscape Panoramic

La Cityscape Vertical

Lone Palm Tree

Capital Recordst

Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Huntington Beach

Beach Bikes

Salt Lake 33

Salt Lake Everlasting(Square)

Draper Welcome To Thetemple

Johannesberg 04

Nauvoo Detail

Bountiful Atrium

Washingtondc 04

Vancouver Sepia

St George 07

St George Arbor Alma

Snowflake 02

St George 04

San Antonio 03

Salt Lake Snow Path

Salt Lake Fountain

Salt Lake 08

Salt Lake 20 Doors

Salt Lake 23 Deep Textured

Salt Lake 07

Redlands 01

Newport Beach 03

Nauvoo Beautiful Sepiav

Nauvoo Moonstone In Relief

Maui Chapel 01

Mesa 09(Textured)

Mesa 12

Jordan River 04

Vernal 05

Vernal 02

Vernal 01


St Louis 05

St Louis 06

St Louis 04

St Louis 01

St George Red Leaves

St George Ir

St George 08

St George 05

Snowflake 01

Seattle 04

Seattle 05

Seattle 01

Seattle 02

San Diego 09

San Diego Ir

San Diego 07

San Diego 08

San Diego 05

San Diego 06

San Diego 02

San Diego 03

San Antonio 04

San Antonio 02

San Antonio 01

Salt Lake 31

Salt Lake Straight Is The Gate

Salt Lake Veneration

Salt Lake Snow Rl

Salt Lake Sanctuary

Salt Lake Side Ir

Salt Lake Pathway Ir

Salt Lake Reflections

Salt Lake Glorioso

Salt Lake Mountain Of The Lord

Salt Lake Endurance

Salt Lake Everlasting Horizontal

Salt Lake Amaranthine

Salt Lake 30 (Textured)

Salt Lake 26

Salt Lake 28

Salt Lake 24

Salt Lake 22

Salt Lake 18

Salt Lake 21

Salt Lake 16

Salt Lake 17

Salt Lake 14

Salt Lake 15

Salt Lake 11

Salt Lake 06 Snow

Salt Lake 04

Salt Lake 05 Flags

Sacramento Oaks

Sacramento 03

Sacramento 04 Poppies

Rexburg 03

Sacramento 01

Redlands 05

Redlands 06

Redlands 03

Redlands 04

Redlands 02

Provo Winter Red Trees

Provo Gold Leaves

Provo Red Trees

Provo 01 Sepia

Provo 08

Provo 01

Ogden 02

Ogden 01

Oakland 12

Oakland 09

Oakland 11

Oakland 06

Oakland 07

Oakland 04

Oakland 05

Oakland 03

Newport Beach Gardens

Newport Beach Reflections

Nauvoo Red Trees

Nauvoo Sunset View

Nauvoo Path

Nauvoo Red Leaves

Nauvoo Morning Star

Nauvoo Ir

Nauvoo Evening Clouds

Nauvoo Evening Glow

Nauvoo Apple Tree

Nauvoo 06

Mttimp Ir

Mttimp Snow Red Leaves

Mttimp 33

Mttimp Fall Red Trees

Mttimp 28

Mttimp 29

Mttimp 23

Mttimp 24

Mttimp 19

Mttimp 21

Mttimp 12

Mttimp 15

Mttimp 09

Mttimp 10

Mttimp 03

Mttimp 08

Mesa Leaves

Mesa Reflection

Mesa Cactus

Mesa 10

Manti Winter

Manti Snow

Manti Tulips

Manti 07

Manti 09

Los Angeles 05

Manti 06

Los Angeles 04

Las Vegas Ir

Las Vegas 03

Las Vegas 04

Laie 09 (Textured)

Jordan River Night

Johannesberg 06

Fresno 04

Idaho Falls 08


Draper Evening

Draper Ir

Bountiful Tulips

Draper 01

Bountiful Rain

Bountiful Side Ir

Bountiful Ir

Bountiful Night

Bountiful Hill

Bountiful Hill Ir

Bountiful Colors

Adam-Ondi-Ahman Moon

Adam-Ondi-Ahman Trees

San Diego 10

Seattle 03

Vernal 03

San Diego 04

Salt Lake Panoramic Ir Side

Salt Lake Panoramicv Ir

Salt Lake 34

Rexburg 01

Provo Winter Mountain Glow

Provo Panoramic

Provo Pink Spring

Provo Mountain Fog

Provo Fall Colors

Provo Fall Spire

Provo 19

Provo 20

Provo 22

Portland Leaves Panoramic Ir

Newport Beach 04

Newport Beach Ir

Nauvoo Joseph Smith Mansion

Nauvoo Looking West

Nauvoo Field 02

Nauvoo Field 01

Jordan Front Panoramic Ir

Manti 08


Idaho Falls Panoramic

St George Red Rock Panoramic

St Louis 02

Salt Lake Panoramic 03

Provo 16 Fog Panoramic

Oakland Panoramic

Nauvoo Across The Mississippi

Draper Panoramic

Las Vegas Panoramic

Logan 04 Panoramic

Adam-Ondi-Ahman Hay

Bountiful Valley Panoramic

Nauvoo Sunrise

Portland Temple Spires Panoramic Ir

Portland Temple 03

Portland Temple 04

Portland Temple An

Portland Temple Leaves Panorama

Portland Temple Panoramic Ir

Portland Temple 01

Portland Temple 01 An

Portland Temple 02

Mesa Temple 03

Mesa Temple 05

Mesa Temple 06

Mesa Temple Sepia 04

Mesa Temple 11

Mesa Temple 07

Mt. Timpanogos Temple 04

Mt. Timpanogos Temple 10

Mt. Timpanogos Temple 05

Mt. Timpanogos Temple 06

Mt. Timpanogos Temple 07

Mt. Timpanogos Temple 09

Mt. Timpanogos Temple 11

Mt. Timpanogos Temple 12

Mt. Timpanogos Temple 13

Mt. Timpanogos Temple 18

Mt. Timpanogos Temple 19

Mt. Timpanogos Temple 20

Mt. Timpanogos Temple 21 Pastels

Mt. Timpanogos Temple 23

Mt. Timpanogos Temple 26

Mt. Timpanogos Temple 27

Mt. Timpanogos Temple 28

Mt. Timpanogos Temple 29

Laie Temple 02

Laie Temple 03

Laie Temple 04

Laie Temple 05

Laie Temple 06

Laie Temple 07

Laie Temple 08

Laie Temple 09

Logan Temple 01

Logan Temple 02

Logan Temple 03

Los Angeles Temple 02

Los Angeles Temple 03

Manti Temple 01

Manti Temple 03

Manti Temple 04

Manti Temple 05

Boise Temple 03

Boise Temple 02

Boise Temple 01

Washington Dc 01

Washington Dc 02

Washington Dc 05

Washington Dc 03

Washington Dc 04

Bountiful Temple 02

Denver Temple 01

Fresno Temple 02

Idaho Falls Temple 03

Idaho Falls Temple 04

Idaho Falls Temple 05

Johannesberg Temple 02

Johannesberg Temple 05

Jordan River Temple 01

Jordan River Temple 05

Jordan River Temple 06

Mesa Temple 01

Mesa Temple 02

Nauvoo The Beautiful

Logan Temple 04

San Diego Temple 01

Mt. Timpanogos Temple 03

Mt. Timpanogos Temple 02

Las Vegas Temple 02

Las Vegas Temple 01

Mesa Temple 04

Laie Temple 01

Nauvoo Temple 01

Nauvoo Temple Mississippi

Salt Lake Temple House Of The Lord

Salt Lake Temple Sempiternal

Columbia River Temple 01

Columbia River Temple 02

Columbia River Temple 03

Denver Temple 02

Denver Temple 03

Ecuador Temple 01

Fresno Temple 01

Fresno Temple 03

Idaho Falls Temple 01

Idaho Falls Temple 02

Idaho Falls Temple 06

Idaho Falls Temple 07

Johannesberg Temple 01

Johannesberg Temple 03

Bountiful Temple 04 Sepia

Bountiful Temple 07

Jordan River Temple 02

Jordan River Temple 03

Los Angeles Temple 01

Mt. Timpanogos Temple 08

Mt. Timpanogos Temple 15

Boise Temple 04

Boise Temple 05

Bountiful Temple 03

Bountiful Temple 05

Bountiful Temple 06

Bountiful Temple Leaves

Salt Lake Temple 03

Salt Lake Temple 03 Red

Salt Lake Temple 06

Salt Lake Temple 09

Salt Lake Temple 12

Salt Lake Temple 13

Reno Temple 01

Reno Temple 02

Reno Temple 03

Salt Lake Temple 01

Salt Lake Temple 02