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Scott Brough
I grew up in Kaysville, Utah with two older sisters, one older brother and a younger brother. Like many children I was fascinated with drawing pictures. Things like trucks, dinosaurs, airplanes and monsters were favorites of mine. One day my mother was preparing to go to the store after a long morning of painting the walls. She called for me to come and get ready, as I was in the other room. I replied “Just a minute, Mom, I’m not finished yet.” My mother came into the living room to see what I was up to. There I was holding a black permanent magic marker, looking up at her. My mother gasped as she saw the masterful work of art I had created all along the freshly painted walls. The creations of the imagination of a three-year-old were sprawled all along the surface, as high as my tiny hands could reach. This interest in fine art stayed with me throughout my life. Aside from drawing and painting I have always enjoyed being creative using ordinary objects. I like to modify things in order to make them more interesting. As an L.D.S. missionary in Japan I attached things I found in my various travels to my bicycle which, in my opinion, enhanced its appearance. My bike was decorated with steel cables, old license plates and lights. After my mission I purchased a used postal jeep which received similar treatment. The vehicle obtained a new paint scheme using outdoor latex paint whenever I saw fit. I must have painted that jeep five times in anything from camouflage to aqua with bathtub appliques. (As an art student at Utah State Un. . .