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Robert Duncan

Robert Duncan was born in Utah and began painting at age eleven. He spent summers as a boy on his grandparents' ranch in Wyoming where his grandmother gave him his first set of oil paints. It was there that he grew to love the country, the open spaces, and the rural lifestyle. Robert has painted professionally for about 25 years. He studied at the University of Utah and worked as a commercial artist before his full-time dedication to the fine art of the American West. Robert was elected into the Cowboy Artists of America at a young age and won two silver medals in their annual exhibition at the Phoenix Art Museum - a dream come true. Robert, his wife Linda, their six children, and a lively assortment of farm animals live in the little town of Midway in Northern Utah.

"I decided years ago to paint the things that I cared most about. That decision has brought me a lot of joy and satisfaction and I'm especially grateful that my family has been such an important part of all of this.""I grew up in the suburbs, but every chance I got, I would sneak out to nearby fields to watch the birds or play in the creek, and the summers I spent on my granddad's ranch really taught me how much we all need Nature in our lives. But change is all around us. The family farm is disappearing at an alarming rate. Development and sprawl cover fertile fields by the minute. I want my grandchildren to be able to walk through a field and hear a meadowlark call. We don't all have to live on a farm, but to pass by and see the cows grazing or just to know that there are wild places being kept wild makes our lives better. Ina way, my paintings are a call to think about the things that have touched our lives and hope that we might all be willing to do our part to save these things for future generations."


A Late Feeding

A Quiet Place

A Rough Start

An Early Start

Anniken And The Cows


Be Back Soon

Beautiful Blonds

Cow Girl

Curious Onlookers

Farms Are For Kids

First Winter

Following The River

Four Horse Power

Free As A Bird

Goin' Downhill

Good Times

Grandpa's Milk Cow

Icy Morning

In His Domain

In The Canyon

Into High Places

Just Passing By

Love A Duck

Mandy's Sun Hat

Mother And Son

Old Tracks

Our Country Garden

Our Giant

Out In The Pasture

Playing With Giants

Snow Troopers

Soldier Hollow Print

Spring Morning

Swept Away

The Best Of Days

The Best Time Of Day

The Passing Parade

The Ski Team

Way Up North

Winter Games

The Face Of New England

The First Morning

The Fisherman

The Girls Club

The Girls Out West

The Latest News

The Magic Hour

The Morning Walk

The Mountain Ranch

The Pledge

The Poet

The Pony Cart

The River Lessons

The Sledding Party

Through The Aspens

Time For A Sleighride

To Spring Pastures

Under The Sunflowers

Visitor From Up North


Winter Friends

Winter Monument

Winter's Blanket

Winter's Eve

A Bit Of Heaven

A Bunch Of Carrots

A Grand Day

A Morning Hug

A New Life

A Nice Place To Be

A Walk With Maya

Almost Home

An April Storm

At The Back Door

At The Mill Pond

Barn Patrol

Beautiful Blondes

Best Of Friends

Boy's Best Friends


Catching Snowflakes


Cold Hands

Cold Morning

Come On Girls


Corn On The Cob

Cotswold Evening

Country Girl

Day's End

December Snows

Dinner Call

Down The Garden Path

Emma's Sleigh Ride

Evening Light

Fall In The Kingdom

Family Night

Fish For Dinner

Fishing The Old Mill Pond

Flowers In The Evening

For The Chickadees

From The Garden

Going To Call The Buffalo

Good Memories

Good Snow

Haying Time

Her Favorite

Her First Garden

Here Goose

Home For Dinner


Let's Sail Away

Little Miss Sunshine

Love Letters In The Sand


Menagerie Of Friends

Mountain Garden

Mr. Churchill's Farm

My Fat Snowman

Night's Approach

Nothing Better

Nothing Like Jonathans

O' Christmas Tree

Our Castle

Our Friend Murphy

Our Little Tree

Peaceful Evening


Planting More Than Flowers

Pumpkins For Sale

Queen Of The Barnyard

Ridin' Double

Rooftop Warriors

Round-Up Wyoming

Running Home

Sarah's Garden

Shoveling Out

Simple Things

Snow Angels

Snowy Day

Solstice Sleigh Ride

Spring Tapestry

Summer Glory



The Cranes Flew By

The Critic's Circle

The Egg Basket

The Rope Swing

What Brothers Are For

Winter Camp

Wyoming Girl