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James Bama

James Bama is simply one of the most highly acclaimed Western artists working today. His distinctive portraits portray the oldest living Crow Indian, a man who would be Buffalo Bill and all manner of men and women of the new West keeping the traditions of the old West alive. There is no mistaking a Bama painting. The exacting texture and detail he captures in his work sets him apart from his peers. Whether the texture is skin, stone, cloth or leather they are what is noticed first and foremost in all his art. Indeed, one look at the lines etched in the faces of the cowboys and Native Americans, for example, speaks volumes about the lives of the artist’s subjects. It’s a technique that held him in good stead when Bama spent several decades as a noted commercial artist with such clients as the New York Giants football team, the U.S. Air Force and both the Baseball and Football Halls of Fame. His portraits of the famous pulp hero character, Doc Savage, appeared on the covers of the best-selling book series and set the look of the character for generations. But this Art Students League-educated resident of the northeast saw his commercial success as a means to accomplish what he most wanted to do. "I wanted to (move to Wyoming and) trace the beginnings of Western history," Bama said. "To see the oldest weapons and saddles and be close to the culture." His second career was even more successful than the first, with his portraits of fascinating, real people of the new West maintaining and preserving their history and heritage, being seen in prominent galleries, collections and exhibitions across the country.


The Teamster

Sage Grinder

Indian Rodeo Performer

Little Star

Holy Man - Holy City

Buffalo Bill - 4Th Of July

Crow Indian With Peace Pipe

1880S Still Life Of Saddle And Rifle

The Pawnee

Pow-Wow Singer

Buffalo In Storm

Pow-Wow Dancer

Young Indian Dancer

Heading For The High Ground

Indian Boy At Crow Fair

Black Elk´S Great Grandson

Contemporary Sioux Indian

Waiting For The Grand Entry

Buck Norris - Cross Sabres Ranch

Bittin' Up - Rimrock Ranch

Young Plains Indian

The Warrior

Cheyenne Split Horn Headdress

Blackfoot Ceremonial Headdress

A Cowboy Named Anne

Ready To Ride

Cheyenne Dog Soldier

Slim Warren The Old Cowboy

On The North Fork Of The Shoshoni

The Buffalo Dance

Art Of James Bama With Chester Medicine Crow

Wes Studi As Magua - From "The Last O

Making Horse Medicine

Sioux Subchief

Blackfeet War Robe

Coming 'Round The Bend

Crow Cavalry Scout

Northern Cheyenne Wolf Scout

Riding The High Country

Ready To Rendezvous

Ceremonial Lance

The Drift On Skull Creek Pass

Paul Newman As Butch Cassidy (Counter

Young Sheepherder

Old Man And His Pig

Buffalo Bill

West Lake Hangzhou City

Ridin' The Rims

Rise With Force And Spirit

Xian Temple

Little Fawn - Cree Indian Girl

Boy From Chengdu

The Volunteer

Crow Indian From Lodge Grass

Dan - Mountain Man

Crow Indian Wearing 1860's War Bonnet

Winter On Trout Creek

Buck Norris - Crossed Sabres Ranch

Southwest Indian Father And Son

Don Walker Bareback Rider

The Davilla Brothers-Bronc Riders

Mountain Man With Rifle

Crow Indian Dancer

Sioux Indian With Eagle Feather

Oldest Living Crow Indian

Winter Trapping

At The Burial Of Gallager And Blind B

Old Arapaho Story-Teller

At A Mountain Man Wedding

Portrait Of A Sioux

Old Saddle In The Snow

Sheep Skull In Drift

Mountain Man 1820-1840 Period

Ken Blackbird

Old Sod House

Mountain Man And His Fox


Pre-Columbian Indian With Atlatl

Indian At Crow Fair

Mountain Man

Rookie Bronc Rider

A Mountain Ute

A Crow Indian

Timber Jack Joe Mountain Man

Sage Grinder

Chuck Wagon In The Snow

Shoshone Chief

Ken Hunder Working Cowboy