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Howard Terpning

Quite simply, Howard Terpning is one of the most lauded painters of Western art. His awards are so numerous and he is honored with them so often, that to list them would require changing the count every few months. To name three would be to cite the highest prizes awarded to Western art: countless awards from the Cowboy Artists of America, the Hubbard Art Award for Excellence, the National Academy of Western Art’s Prix de West and the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Gene Autry Museum.

Why such praise? Passion, compassion, devotion and respect for his subject matter, extraordinary talent in palette and brushstroke, an exceptional ability to evoke emotion both in his paintings and from those viewing them — all this and more has made Terpning the "Storyteller of the Native American."

Born in Illinois and educated at the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts and the American Academy of Art, he first gained attention from some powerful Time and Newsweek covers. Film fans praised his movie posters for such classics as The Sound of Music, Dr. Zhivago and the re-issue of Gone with the Wind. But his love of the West and Native American traditions saw his transition to fine art.

Terpning is a long-time member of the Cowboy Artists of America, which has presented him with Gold and Silver awards, "Best of Show" awards, and "Best Overall Show by a Single Artist" awards more than two dozen times. His book, The Art of Howard Terpning won the Wrangler "Outstanding Art Book" award from the National Cowboy Hall of Fame.


Medicine Man Of The Cheyenne

Spirit Of The Plains People

Transferring The Medicine Shield

Tribal Warfare

Crows In The Yellowstone

Chief Joseph Rides To Surrender

Do Not Disturb

Council Mediator

Color Of Sun

Coffee Coolers Meet The Hostiles

War Chief

Telling Of The Legends

The Second Geronimo Campaign

Hope Springs Eternal - The Ghost Dance

Capturing The Chief´S Coat

Caution Born Of Necessity

The Trackers

Sound Of A Distant Bugle

Patient Provider

Apache Scout

The River´S Gift

Major North And The Pawnee Battalion

Change Of Command

Mystery Of The Underwater People

Mystic Power Of The War Shield

Crow Country

The Family Home

Bear Tracks

Whiskey Smugglers

White Man Fire Sticks

Howard Terpning: Portrait Of A Storyteller

Tribute To The Plains People

Yapping Dogs

The Captain's Horse

Far Seeing Glass

Broken Trail

New Doll For My Granddaughter

Guarding The Lodge

Sharpshooters Closing On The Herd

Among The Spirits Of The Long-Ago People

Hawk Feathers

Where Spirits Dwell

Paper That Talks Two Ways, The Treaty Signing

Legend Of Geronimo

Council Regalia Personal Commission&Trade;

Trail In The Bitter Roots

Seeking Wisdom Through The Pipe

Prospectors Among The Blackfeet

Trail Along The Backbone

Deeds Of His Father

Coup Sticks And War Paint

Test Of Courage

Journey To The Medicine Wheel

Horse Of A Different Color

Found On The Field Of Battle

The Horse Doctor And His Medicine Bag At Rendezvous

Light Cavalry

White Water Passage

Hard Trails Wore Out More Than Ponies

Proud Men

Grandfather Prays To Sun

The Long Trail Ahead

The Lonely Sentinel

The Shaman And His Magic Feathers

Sunset For The Comanche

Sign Along The Trail

Nectar Of The Gods

Medicine Shields Of The Blackfoot

Vanishing Pony Tracks


The Long Shot

Protectors Of The Cheyenne People

Captured From General Crook´S Com

Chased By The Devil

Camp At The Cougar's Den

Medicine Horse Mask

A Friendly Game At Rendezvous 183

Three Generations

Cheyenne At The Disappearing Creek Called "White

They Came From Nowhere

The Force Of Nature Humbles All Men

Running Eagle Falls

The Teachings Of My Grandmother

The Healing Power Of The Raven Bundl

Healing Power Of The Raven Bundle

Plunder From Sonora

Crossing At The Ford

Thunder Speaks


Offerings To Sun

The Stragglers

Blessing From The Medicine Man

The Bonnet Case

The Art Of Howard Terpning

Council Of Chiefs

On The Edge Of The World

Cheyenne Mother

War Stories

Offerings To The Little People

Signals In The Wind

Grandfather Speaks

Horse Feathers

The Weather Dancer Dream

Holy Man Of The Blackfoot

To Capture Enemy Horses

Crow Pipe Ceremony

Before The Little Big Horn

Gold Seekers To The Black Hills

The Trophy

Crossing Below The Falls

Prairie Shade

With Mother Earth

Opening The Sacred Bundle

Talking Robe

Trading Post At Chadron Creek

Spirit Of The Rainmaker

Old Country Buffet - The Feast

Isdzan - Apache Woman

Crow Camp 1864

Soldier Hat

Profile Of Wisdom

The Apache Fire Makers

Medicine Pipe

Army Regulations

Capture Of The Horse Bundle

Passing Into Womanhood

The Strength Of Eagles

Four Sacred Drummers

Prairie Knights

Digging In At Sappa Creek

Leader Of Men

The Last Buffalo

Cree Finery

When Careless Spelled Disaster

The Storyteller

Shepherd Of The Plains

Scout's Report

Pride Of The Cheyenne

Sunday Best

Blood Man

Hope Springs Eternal - Ghost Dance

Blackfeet Among The Aspen

Search For The Pass

Winter Coat

Preparing For The Sun Dance

The Ploy

Comanche Spoilers

Thunderpipe And The Holy Man

Watching The Column

Status Symbols

Blackfeet Spectators

The Cache

The Signal

The Scouts Of General Crook

The Warning

One Man's Castle

Crow Pipe Holder

Woman Of The Sioux


The Staff Carrier


Crossing Medicine Lodge Creek

Dust Of Many Pony Soldiers /The Warrior

Shield Of Her Husband

Search For The Renegades

Sioux Flag Carrier

Small Comfort

Stones That Speak

The Spectators

The Victors